Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just when I thought I wasn't going to buy any more vintage Pyrex

This happens....

I can never say no to pink Pyrex at a reasonable price. This is my 3rd pink gooseberry 441 and I'm proud of it! haha! We actually use 401s and 441s quite a bit at our house so this purchase makes sense. The 441s are great for soup :). As for the 474, I actually don't have this piece.... so I had to buy it, right?  The fiancĂ© was there & gave me the nod so all is well.  Now I'm only a 475 away from a complete pink gooseberry collection! 

Now onto the black & white gooseberry 442.... I picked it up because I liked it & then we found a  yellow & black gooseberry.... Which was also a 442. I was so confused. Apparently this bowl is not a common piece {and NO it's not DWD!}. It's part of a promo set that was all black& white!!  Must.find.444!!!  

And the last 2 Pyrex pieces? Butterfly gold square baker & loaf pan.... Because who doesn't love a utility dish!?

And finally, I found a Kenmore 1956 fine china platter with turquoise & grey flowers & a silver rim. Swoon.

Not pictured is a lovely horizon blue 444 I found today to complete my set. Today was a success I'd say! Now off to rearrange :X

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