Friday, December 13, 2013

A productive day, I'd say

I've finally finished my diy headboard! It's been on the back burner since the summer.... and when I say back burner, I mean the corner of my bedroom!  I didn't take any pictures of my process but I can quickly explain it.  

You will need:

Thin plywood {Home Depot cut it to size for me}
Spray adhesive 
Staple gun
Mounting squares

Basically, you adhere the styrofoam to the plywood, then add the batting. Next, you use a staple gun to wrap the fabric around the plywood {make sure it's nice & tight!} After it's all pretty, use your foaming squares {heavy duty ones} to mount it behind your bed!

Simple!!  Turned out pretty amazing!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Not thrifted / Just a good deal!!

Oh Cyber Monday... How do I love thee? 
So now in this wedding planning process, I am really trying to spend where it counts & get the best deals I can without compromising too much. After the wedding, we're going to begin looking for a house {serial thrifter in a big ass house -- hopefully}.  So since I'm on somewhat of a budget, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Badgley Mischka navy satin Lacie pumps at $100 OFF!!! Aren't they beautiful? They're exactly what I've been dreaming about. I'm in love!!! Thanks Piperlime - xo