Monday, November 18, 2013

We hit the motherload

We are now up to 44 vases after a MAJOR haul last week!! AND they're pieces we really need too! We have estimated needing about 100 vases so I'm glad we have over a year to thrift them! :D

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So in my last post I told you guys that now I'm thrifting for the wedding.... Well it's on. Look at all the milk glass I've collected! The majority was $1 or less with only one piece being $3. I definitely need some taller ones & some shorter wider ones but who can pass up a 65 cent bud vase?  Not this bride!!  I'm going to use the planters & bowls for succulents & the vases for flowers. I've also ordered some blue mason jars on Amazon at a price that seemed pretty cheap compared to everyone else. All in all, great progress!!

I'm pretty proud of myself. In my recent thrifting endeavors, I've left some vintage Pyrex pieces I would have picked up before I got engaged.  And get this.... I've even SOLD some pieces! Actually I've sold about 10 single pieces, which is huge for me. And I'm happy to say that the people who purchased were actual collectors and not resellers! That makes me feel better about it!  I did but just one piece recently but it was $5 & I liked it. The lid was scratched but at least it has the correct lid! The dish itself is bright blue, almost mint & oh so shiny!  And that sour cream glass was $1. Can't resist those & not apologizing ;)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

It finally happened!

After almost 4 years of dating, he proposed!! I can't believe it!! It was such a beautiful day. He tricked me into thinking we were celebrating my birthday but he surprised me first thing in the morning with the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen.

You're probably wondering how this pertains to thrifting... Wellllll.... It's time to shift my focus!  Wedding reception thrifting! Those little vases I've been gathering will really fit perfectly as centerpieces & such so I will definitely continue to thrift those. 

I will definitely need to sell some of my Pyrex & previously thrifted items on Craigslist or etsy. We live in a small apartment... Where will all the wedding gifts go? To be continued....