Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend finds

So it's been 10 weeks since we picked up my Aunt in Hancock Maryland and it was time to bring her back. We had a great time with her this summer & I can't wait to see her next year! 

Lately I've vowed to thrift less than usual and I've stayed true to that. I havent really stopped at a thrift in weeks.  I think I earned this one shopping moment. When we got to our destination, we ventured into the antique & flea market starting outside first.  It's a huge place & last time I got some great deals. We spent 3.5 hours shopping this time. That's some good exercise, yes?  Having my boyfriend with me was especially helpful. He keeps me in check when I get a little out of hand. Sometimes I need a voice of reason. 

I finally got my hands on a Hazel Atlas pink elephant ice bucket. Love it! I saw it there last time and was kicking myself for leaving it. Thank my lucky stars it was still there!!  

Another one of my obsessions is vintage milk glass mugs. I can't get enough. They're so cute... and on this visit, I found 4. I won't overpay for them but these were adorable & reasonable

The only Pyrex I found that I wanted wasn't even really Pyrex at all. It's Pyrex compatible by Gemco. Now usually I wouldn't really swoon if I saw these but they were 50 cents a piece! Sold. Done. Next!

Next, I found these AMAZING vintage glasses with caddy. I know I have a few sets of glasses {ha! a few?} but these are totally different than any of the other ones I have. They also kind of go with that pink elephant ice bucket, right? Yea. Mine!

And last but certainly not least, a 50% off JADEITE SWIRL BOWL! I almost peed but thank god I didn't because it was kind of a long ride home. On average similar bowls in this place were $30+ but this one was marked $25.... And the booth was having a 50% sale so $12.50.  I couldn't pass it up. I love Jadeite and even when Ive found it in the thrift stores here {only 2x} the pieces were beat up & more expensive than this. For me, this was a steal. I giggled all the way to the cash register. 😆 

So to summarize, Saturday was awesome.  Now to relax on this lazy Sunday & maybe try to purge some stuff {not likely}

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