Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Sunday makeover

Finally found the time to gussy up this little vintage $5 chair I picked up at goodwill months ago. A few weeks ago I painted it white hoping it would highlight the beautiful details of the back {it really helped}. After much deliberation, I decided on this fabric. I must say, I made a great choice. I love it :) and with that, I shall nap! 

Weekend finds

So it's been 10 weeks since we picked up my Aunt in Hancock Maryland and it was time to bring her back. We had a great time with her this summer & I can't wait to see her next year! 

Lately I've vowed to thrift less than usual and I've stayed true to that. I havent really stopped at a thrift in weeks.  I think I earned this one shopping moment. When we got to our destination, we ventured into the antique & flea market starting outside first.  It's a huge place & last time I got some great deals. We spent 3.5 hours shopping this time. That's some good exercise, yes?  Having my boyfriend with me was especially helpful. He keeps me in check when I get a little out of hand. Sometimes I need a voice of reason. 

I finally got my hands on a Hazel Atlas pink elephant ice bucket. Love it! I saw it there last time and was kicking myself for leaving it. Thank my lucky stars it was still there!!  

Another one of my obsessions is vintage milk glass mugs. I can't get enough. They're so cute... and on this visit, I found 4. I won't overpay for them but these were adorable & reasonable

The only Pyrex I found that I wanted wasn't even really Pyrex at all. It's Pyrex compatible by Gemco. Now usually I wouldn't really swoon if I saw these but they were 50 cents a piece! Sold. Done. Next!

Next, I found these AMAZING vintage glasses with caddy. I know I have a few sets of glasses {ha! a few?} but these are totally different than any of the other ones I have. They also kind of go with that pink elephant ice bucket, right? Yea. Mine!

And last but certainly not least, a 50% off JADEITE SWIRL BOWL! I almost peed but thank god I didn't because it was kind of a long ride home. On average similar bowls in this place were $30+ but this one was marked $25.... And the booth was having a 50% sale so $12.50.  I couldn't pass it up. I love Jadeite and even when Ive found it in the thrift stores here {only 2x} the pieces were beat up & more expensive than this. For me, this was a steal. I giggled all the way to the cash register. 😆 

So to summarize, Saturday was awesome.  Now to relax on this lazy Sunday & maybe try to purge some stuff {not likely}

Monday, August 19, 2013

From where I stand

So in the last few weeks, I've really buckled down and decided to purge {some} Pyrex. I have over 200 pieces at this point and a small apartment. It doesn't leave much room for anything else. Right now I only display my favorite pieces so anything not on that list is shoved in a cabinet... poor Pyrex :(  Here is a picture of what my living room looked like during one of my purging days. I just pulled everything out of ONE cabinet... promptly got frustrated... then put everything back in the cabinet. Productive eh? Louie's like "Yea I'm not helping" 

Isn't he the best?

This is Lou... my boy... my snuggle bear... my shmoopie pie.  Ok I'll stop.. but seriously look at that face.  He had surgery last week and I was so incredibly sad/scared/freaking out.  We found 2 lumps on his neck and immediately took him to the vet.  They took an aspirate and found mast cells.  Mast cells = Mast cell tumors.  No good.  So we decided to take the little buggers out ASAP.  We got the great news on Friday that he is just fine.  The lumps were actually just inflammatory tissue and not mast cells tumors afterall.  Perfect timing for an awesome weekend.  I'm feeling blessed and happy.

It's been a while

So, it's been a little while since I've posted on here.  It's not because I don't love you.  It's because the local thrifts don't love me.  Well they probably do, but Ive promised myself not to go as often as I used to.  My apartment is kind of.... full?

I don't know about you but whenever I've been in the stores lately, all I see is this.  These terrible tables.... or are they terrible?  I can't decide.  I pass them by every single time but could they be saved?  Couldn't I paint them a magical color and make them something? Ehhh... I think I could... BUT who has the room?  Definitely not me.  All in all, on this day, there were 12 of these tables.  12!  I feel kind of bad but I am hoping that someone with the room will scoop one up, paint it something bright, put some plants on it and put it in front of a window.  That's what I'd do.... if I had the room.  But I don't.  So there they will sit.