Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrift finds - 7.17.13

$7.  Seriously.  I can't believe it!  Yesterday was my first REAL day of thrifting since vacation and I was blessed to find these lovelies!  They compliment the other grecian glasses I got recently.  Lucky find!

Below is my current collection of glassware.  Too much?  I mean there are only two of us in our house but I never seem to remember that when I'm thrifting!!  We need to have some parties.

Post vacation detox: Pyrex in action

Oh vintage pyrex.  I missed you while I was gone!  After eating tons of food & drinking lots of margaritas for 10 days straight, time to get back on the wagon.  While I don't consider eating salad fun, it looks pretty amazing in these bowls :)  Here's our first night of dinner after vacation -------> Kale salad.  I guess the days of overindulging are over for now... til next time, Mexico!

I'm back!

After an AMAZING 10 day vacation I am back home {and back to my thrifting habit}
We had such a great time.  I mean, how could we not?  The biggest decisions of the day were beach or pool, pina colada or margarita, and which amazing restaurant to go to for dinner.  It's good {kind of} to be back.  At least I have this pretty view from the couch!
Just relaxing some more after 10 days of relaxing.