Friday, June 28, 2013

Thrift finds - 6.26.13 {part 2}

Wednesdays are usually my multiple thrift store days since I work at two different offices and there are a few good ones I pass when commuting.  This past Wednesday was a good one!!  I went to a total of 4 thrifts and I found some great stuff!!  Besides the glasses I posted in "part 1" {and how amazing are they?} I also found these items. 

As a rule, I never leave solid turquoise pyrex behind.  The little 023 has some scratches but it will be great for normal use {we used it that very night for dinner!}  Turquoise looks great in my kitchen so buying that for $3.49 was a no brainer for me. 

Another rule?  I never leave sour cream glasses behind!!  I have a serious obsession with them.  If they're in good condition, and cheap, they're coming home with me.  These two were 65cents each and different than the ones I already have.  Living in Philadelphia, I love historical stuff anyway {plus it doesn't hurt that they made me think of the 76ers --- therefore boyfriend won't object!} 

The Georges Briard cheese board is in great condition.  The tile had no scratches whatsoever --- almost like it was never used!  It didn't include a knife but that's an easy fix.  Oh and it was $1!   I can see us using this when we have a party.  We are big cheese people :)

Little.Fiestaware.Teapot.   LOVE!  This is my very first fiesta ware!  It has no chips, scratches, crazing, nada!!  And it's turquoise! This was $2.50... had to get it.

And finally, I was hesitant to buy the little carafe.  I have 2 others {none with flowers though} and they kind of just sit on a shelf.  I don't know what I'm supposed to do with them.  We don't entertain very often, and there are only two of us in the apartment.  I also have a few juice carafes so those are what I'd use for juice.  I am running out of space in my house but for some reason I just couldn't put it down.  It's in perfect condition and was only $1.  I will have to find a use for them :)  Any ideas?

I found two other pieces yesterday but didn't get a picture ---- a little Pyrex spring blossom casserole {mint condition!}, an orange juice carafe with a little {see?  too many carafes!!} 

I think this vacation is just what I need... I won't be thrifting in Mexico!!
My Wednesday finds!

another beautiful pic of the amazing mid century bar ware I found for $4

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thrift finds - 6.26.13 {part 1}

So, less than an hour ago I found this AMAZING set of mid century barware including a caddy for $4.  I went to a thrift that I've never been to before and I am so glad I decided to try it today.  I am beyond excited.  Having been to multiple antique stores in the past month, I've seen {and drooled over} lots of these sets but they were priced too high for me.  I love interesting glasses but I don't particularly want to pay a ton for them.  So $4?  Yea... I'm happy with that!  They're in great condition with only a few scratches in the gold here and there.  Now to find a bar cart..... ha! 
Mid Century barware set with caddy for $4

Monday, June 24, 2013

The last weekend before vacation

Next weekend, the boyfriend and I are headed to tropical paradise for some beach fun and frozen drinks.  Since we will be there for a little while, we took this past weekend to clean up around the house, do some laundry, spoil the dog and go to an antique store {it's seriously so close, yet I've never been there}  We started our Saturday at the dog park {Lou was pumped} and then went to Haddon Heights Antiques Center.  This place was awesome... great items and great {for an antique store} prices!  Anything over $10 was 20% off and anything with the letters R, O, S or E was 25% off.  sooooo....
 pyREx, jadEitE...25% off!! 

The Jadeite batter pourer is my very first Jadeite piece.  I am beyond excited to finally own it. 
It is in great condition and cheaper than any of the Jadeite I've seen in person. 

The Butterprint pyrex fridgie officially completes my set.  Woo! 

And the Butterprint butterdish?  Love it.  First time I've ever seen it at a decent price in person. Bought it.

That green dots ------ holy smokes -------- that baby was the very first thing I saw when I went into the store and I ran to it like a long lost love.  It was the piece I was searching for the most!!  It came with the other two, but honestly, I love dots... so I will probably keep them all!!

And finally, the Pyrex Bride's casserole.  I'm not a bride, but I had to have it.  I love the pattern and color and I think it actually goes great with the Jadeite!
Oh.. and the bananas?  I got those at Acme! They've already been consumed via green smoothie! haha ;)

This should hold me over until I get back from vacation.  I am positive that pyrex will be the last thing on my mind while I'm lying on the beach drinking a pina colada! 

My haul from Haddon Heights Antiques Center

My vintage pyrex new dots mixing bowl set is finally complete!
Jadeite & the bride!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Etsy Shop

The time has come!  I've opened my Etsy shop!  Soon it will be filled with lots of great things but for now, only a few great things!  Enjoy!

Weekend Roadtrip

So last weekend I went on a roadtrip with my dad to pick up my aunt.  She comes to visit every summer from Ohio.  Since that's a pretty far drive, her son drives her half way and they meet in Hancock, Maryland.  This time we got there an hour before they did so we had some time to kill.  Enter, Hancock Antique Mall.  Such a big space packed with some pretty good stuff.  Prices varied from booth to booth as they do in most antique malls.  When we first got there, we separated.  I know what I'm looking for so I can do a quick{ish} sweep before making my final decisions.  Some vendors have identical items for twice the price so I always look around completely first without buying anything {unless there's an amazing deal to be had}  My final purchases looked like this.  Pyrex, salt & pepper shakers, hobnail milkglass, and a bright Glasbake dish.  That sounds about right.  Nothing surprising here!  The 3 bowl set is almost mint.  I found 1 scratch on the smallest bowl.  I picked that  up for $14 {originally $16 but they were on "sale"}.  Not bad for an antique store!  The owl salt & pepper shakers were $3 {another vendor had them for $18!}  The glasbake pan was $8... a lot for me to pay for glasbake but the color is awesome and it matches my beautiful set of glasbake lipton soup mugs!  And the milkglass hobnail planter?  $1!  Cheaper than most thrift stores around here!
And the best find of the day?  The salt & pepper shakers my aunt gave me from her collection.  They're awesome and they were a gift {freeeee!} 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Furniture shuffle

So, we recently sold our kitchen table in order to make use of another table we had that better suited the shape of the room. Every time we add or subtract furniture, we end up doing the furniture shuffle. I initially thrifted & painted these shelves for our living room.  The paint looked like a dark coral in the living room. Then I found a mid century credenza for $20 so they obviously got bumped to the bedroom. Then, when we sold the kitchen table, they got moved again to the kitchen as a space filler.  As of Monday, the color worked ok... definitely not my favorite & most certainly more of a traffic cone orange than the pretty dark coral it was in the living room {fluorescent lighting sucks!}.  But then on Tuesday I thrifted these Ikea curtains.... now the color of the shelves  doesn't work at all!  Oy... Time to repaint! I'm thinking turquoise or yellow :). Everyday I'm shuffling!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Air plant adoration

On a recent trip to goodwill I found the awesome vintage carafe on the left for 99 cents.  Even though it was missing it's stopper, I couldn't pass it up.  I don't usually use the carafes I find for actual beverages so a missing stopper isn't stopping me... especially when the pattern is in perfect shape!  Anyway, after work a few days ago, I stopped in to my favorite local vintage store Era*Atomica in the Passyunk Square area of South Philadelphia.   Seriously - local vintage lovers, if you haven't been there, go!  NOW!  They always have such amazing stuff.  This is where I found the carafe on the right!  Such an odd coincidence since I've never seen them anywhere before but then I found them both in the same week. 
Vintage carafes.  Left found at Goodwill.  Right found at Era*Atomica in Passyunk Square
 I decided they should both house the air plants I bought from Etsy {CTSairplants!}
I added some sand, rocks and a few shells, and VOILA!  ♥♥♥♥
They look awesome on the window sill in the kitchen.  Especially with the pyrex beaker I found at goodwill a while ago {49 cents!}

Air plants on my window sill

Couldn't help but take an aerial shot.  It's just so beautiful ♥

Ikea Fira / Moppe mini chest makeover

Over a month ago, I thrifted this Ikea mini chest of drawers for about $6 at the local goodwill.  I picked this up for 2 reasons.... 
1) I love mini drawers. 
2) I love a little DIY.
This was the perfect thing to use a little creativity on.  It's taken me over a month to figure out what I wanted to do with it.  Decoupage?  Chevron?  Solid color?   After much google image browsing and a little soul searching, I decided on ombre.  This is the perfect candidate for ombre. 
Ikea Fira / Moppe mini chest {BEFORE} 
oh..... and Louie!

I went to Home Depot and was instantly overwhelmed.  So many choices... {too many!}  I had to narrow it down so I went with yellows.  I feel like no matter where I put this {right now it's by the front door}, yellows will go in any room in our house.  After much deliberation, I made my choices, and out the door I went {I may have skipped}

My 4 Behr paint samples {$2.94 per sample}
And here are my choices!  Aren't they awesome?
 From lightest to darkest: Moonlit Yellow, Daffodil Yellow, Vibrant & Lemon Lime

The finished product!!  Initially I had planned on painting the outside white but once I put the drawers back in, I realized I love the natural finish against the ombre.  I just need to add a clear varnish to the entire piece for protection and I will be all set!

Ikea Fira / Moppe mini chest {AFTER}
And here is a side by side comparison.  I love it!
Ikea Fira / Moppe mini chest {before & after}

More DIY to come!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thrift finds - 6.12.13

Today is Wednesday.... my usual thrifting day.  After doing some stuff in the office, I head on over  to my *favorite* thrift store for lunch.  Not only do I find amazing things there, but the people there are always so nice.  I am known as "the girl who buys all those dishes"  {and proud of it!}  You know you go somewhere too often when you get an actual nickname.  Anyway, as soon as I enter, I make a beeline for the housewares or "bric-a-brac" section.  I could not believe my eyes...... 
And it's in a pattern that I love....and I don't already own it!!  It was $8... some people might think that's a lot for a thrift store but to find this in the wild around here.... pretty awesome.   And if you think $8 is a lot, head on over to eBay and look for one of these puppies.  Not a pretty sight.
This will be my third of this size {so I guess I should make a lasagna? nah}
Can't wait to clean it up and stack it with it's 933 friends {friendship & butterfly gold}

Say hello to my little friend {Vintage Pyrex Spring Blossom 933 lasagna pan}

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Always rearranging... vintage Pyrex

On what seems to be a biweekly basis {I'm being generous here} I find myself getting bored with my Pyrex set up.  I am constantly moving things around... arranging by size, color, pattern... sometimes, anything goes.  Last night, I found myself with some free time so I decided to rearrange the hutch.  I love all of the turquoise together, but with the globe next to it, I needed some more color in the room.   I moved some of my favorite pieces into the hutch and then put my promotional turquoise pieces into a tall skinny Ikea billy bookcase on the opposite wall {with some books & vintage finds}  I am really loving how it turned out.
Sorry for the grainy pictures... in my living room, there's either too much light, or not enough.
 Such is life.

Before - All of my turquoise vintage pyrex

My new arrangement.  A vintage pyrex rainbow!

Chair sweet chair

Holy cow.  The day has come.  See that chair?  Yea, it's mine.  MINE.  I'd just like to take the time to thank Craigslist {you've been pretty good to me} and the woman who is selling everything in her house so she can give her home a makeover {you're the best}  But yea... the search is over.  I paid $50.  I am really glad I waited because I was about to pay over $250 elsewhere.  Patience.
My living room.  Thrifted most, Craigslist some, Store bought little.  Some Pyrex was a gift.
Not thrifted:  Ikea pillow, Wooden hearts from trip to Jamaica.  Butterflies from Philadelphia Flower Show.

Thrift finds - 6.10.13

On my way home from work yesterday, it was downpouring.  Raining cats & dogs {and maybe birds}.  Therefore, the traffic was atrocious... which means I have to avoid 476 and I95.... which means I stop at thrifts on the way home because I pass them {how can I not stop?}  I have been pretty good at sticking to my list and being picky about what I buy {see previous post}... so you can imagine my excitement when I found this beauty.  $5 globe with a record dated 1962 that tells you all about Mr. World and another book from the New York World's Fair 1964-1965....  Um... holy cow.  The globe itself is in great condition.... only slightly dented in Thailand {ha!}  Needless to say, I hugged it to my chest all the way to the register... made them double bag it {cats & dogs I tell ya!} and got out of there before they realized the awesomeness I stole for only $5. Yesterday was pretty awesome {for a Monday!}

Thrifting.... on vacation

Over the weekend, my  boyfriend and I joined his family in visiting his sister in Rhode Island.
I was very excited because: 1) I love his family.  They are the most welcoming group you can find.  2)  I have never been anywhere north of New York City {sad.... c'mon, live a little}  and 3) Unchartered thrifting territory.  I knew there was a good chance we wouldn't have the time to stop at any thrifts {which was absolutely fine with me} but Sunday afternoon, we had a little down time.  Using Yelp, I found Savers.... a typical chain thrift store.  We went to two of them.  Both were clean and organized but there wasn't much in the way of vintage goodies.  I found a million green flowered glasbake dishes like usual {ugh! stop following me!} but no actual pyrex.  I did, however, find an awesome glasbake soup mug {Soup's on!} and two sour cream glasses {love love love love}.  In total - I spent $4.  I'm happy with it!
Savers stop #1

Glasbake soup mug & sour cream glasses

Monday, June 3, 2013

Antiquing Adventure

So yesterday I had a girls day with my best friend in the universe. We are both very into all things vintage so what better way to spend the day than to do something we rarely get to do.... go antiquing!! We started our day in Lancaster Pa at Cackleberry Farms. What an amazing place! So many booths with such great stuff. For the most part the prices were very reasonable. I did have to restrain myself so I didn't spend too much money. The reason I love thrifting is the thrill of the hunt.... Antiquing doesn't really have that. You are guaranteed to find amazing stuff {and we did!} but you do pay a lot more for your finds. 
Here is an awesome truck we encountered outside of a Goodwill in Lancaster... How cute?!

Photo courtesy of my bff ♥

After Cackleberry Farms, we planned to go home....BUT we started talking about how we have never been to Adamstown, Pa... the land of all things antiques!! Needless to say it took us all of 3 min to decide to go.... so spontaneous ;) On our  way we did hit some traffic.... 

Here's another awesome car... driving with his door open for some reason 

Photo courtesy of my bff ♥

Finally! We get to Mad Hatter Antiques. I was in heaven!!! Here's some beauties I loved 
I need ONE of these in my life.  Just ONE.  But I want to find it at a thrift - too pricey for me here

The besty is actually going back for this one.  It's amazing to say the least!

I mean, heaven --- right?!

Need those gosh darn  pyrex solid turquoise mixing bowls!

After there, we went to Pine Hill, their sister store. At this point I was so overwhelmed, hungry {we hadn't eaten lunch as of 4:00} and tired. I did find some great stuff there though!!

Here is my haul from the 3 places we stopped... wrapped & unwrapped! I had so much fun and I can't wait to go back with more time {and money} to spend ;)

My haul all wrapped up {plus my cup that held some homemade iced coffee - yum!}

My amazing finds!  Pyrex dots 402, Pyrex scroll 443 with lid and cradle {candle unused}, Poodle planter {because it's amazing, Pyrex arches 3 qt casserole, 2 Glasbake Lipton Soup mugs ♥, 2 sour cream glasses, Pyrex solid turquoise divided dish, Pyrex pink daisy space saver, and an unmarked pink flowered pitcher!  ♥♥♥