Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrift finds - 5.29.13

Can you imagine the heart attack I had when I found THIS for $40 yesterday?!  Look at that hardware... And those lines!! It was in great shape but unfortunately too big for our small apartment. Ya see, I already bought the perfect hutch for our space & the only way I can get another one is if it's a small one for the kitchen. I'm actually secretly searching for one with an all glass front {and a MCM chair} to make our kitchen look more mid century {less Ikea}. I hope the person who buys it actually loves it & doesn't try to make money off of it.   I hate when people do that.

Mid Century hutch found at Goodwill in Holmes, PA

After having to leave that beauty behind, I find this sexy thing at a goodwill closer to home. $20. Look at the legggggsssss!  Sure, it's scratched and has a few chips..... But with a little love it could look great! I put it on hold & called the bf so he could stop on his way home from work to take a look.
I never buy a piece of furniture without approval... after all, it's his house too.  He ok'd the purchase & even used his discount to make it $18! I took it home, gave it some love, and now she's all shiny & nice.
Twas a good day :) 

Mid Century Modern Dresser found at South Philadelphia Goodwill

Mid Century Modern dresser in my home {after some Old English}

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrift finds - 5.22.13

Can you believe someone donated this Mid century Franciscan Starburst platter?  Sorry for the grainy pic but my phone is being wacky.  Anyway, when I found it, I literally picked it up & hugged it tight like it was my lost puppy. $3.50. $3.50!!!!!  That is INSANE

ANNNNND..... These 7 amazing Fred Press apple & pear cocktail glasses! $1 each. I can't find any information online about them.  They have gold accents.....not mint condition, but I love them just the same. 

Yesterday was a gooooooood day! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Beloved Pyrex Collection

For the past 2 years, I've become obsessed with  passionate about vintage pyrex.
I don't know what it is.  The colors, the patterns, the history... it's just all so fun.
When I first began collecting, I wasn't particularly picky. 
If goodwill had it, I bought it.  Just buy all the pyrex, I said.
I got pyrex for my birthday
{yay Balloons Chip & Dip Set}
and for Christmas
{hello there, Pink Daisy & Rainbow Stripes mixing bowl set

Now that I have over 150 pieces {right? I know.}
the time has come to become a little choosy.
My collection has a little bit of everything but I think it needs a definite focus.
I definitely am out of space.  I have a full hutch, some shelves in the kitchen,
and the tops of my kitchen cabinets all full of pyrex. 
We live in a small apartment {I hope you know that by now}
so I need to get the whole "less is more" thing ASAP.
I do find rearranging my collection particularly soothing. 
When I'm stressed out, it's fun to move things around and play with the different patterns {yes I'm a dork}
But decisions must be made.  Over this past weekend, I was out of commission... sick on the couch with a helluva cold {booo! no thrifting!}.  It gave me a lot of time to think about it
{and rearrange my collection at 4am since my sleep schedule got super wacky}

In the future, I will only buy the following patterns/colors/dishes {for myself}:
New Dots {I need yellow & green!}
Turquoise {solid or patterned}
Pink {buy all the pink!}
Friendship {love those little birds}
Other Rare & HTF pyrex
Fridgies {Rule: No fridgie left behind}

And no more divided dishes whatsoever.  I've got divided dishes coming out of my ears.

ANYWAY, here are some pics of my collection {seriously this is just a little bit of it}

This is this weekend's 4am rearranging {pyrex & Missoni for Target}

Pinks & blues


I have a thing for 043 casseroles

My $40 mid century hutch {my pride & joy}

Chair, where are you?

It sounds so easy doesn't it?  A chair.  Simple.  Yea, it's not.
I want a goodlooking, midcentury modern, comfortableinexpensive chair.
I feel like I can find a chair with one or two of those criteria, but all 4?  It's proving impossible.
Now I'm not expecting to find the perfect chair for SUPER cheap but I'd like a good deal on it.
The longer I search, the more I find myself just wanting to
spend the extra money & just buy one from a vintage shop.
This would certainly eliminate the frustration.
The thrill of the hunt is always great but I'm kind of tired of looking at this point.
Ya see, we have one couch for 2 adults and a 30lb dog to share.
That is NOT a lot of space and I end up getting frustrated and moving to the {oh so comfy} floor.
Anyway... til I find "the one" I will just have to look at pictures on the internet.  ::Sigh::
*photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy*

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrift finds - 5.15.13

The majority of the time I find that you need to keep an open mind while thrifting.
On my visit to Goodwill yesterday, I stumbled across this vintage plant stand.
It looked homely to be honest.  
It was dusty, scratched, and hidden between 2 hideous wicker hampers.
Upon closer inspection, I realized it had some real potential so I took a chance.
$10.  More than I usually spend but then I used a 20% off coupon... so ended up being $8.  
I took it home, used some Old English on it, and look at her now.
It looks adorable in my kitchen {although not practical because the dog likes to eat everything}
 Now honestly, part of me wants to paint it.  I always want to paint everything.
I have about 3 things in my house waiting to be painted.  
For now, I will let it be... I'll sleep on it for a while.  It's not going anywhere ♥

Recent thrift finds

In the past week I've found some goodies.  Typically my major thrifting days are Wednesday and Fridays since on those days, I work out of a different office which is closer to better thrift stores. 

Below is a pic of my thrifts this past week.  I'm currently working on doing a wall of plates so I am really digging through them lately.  Those were dirt cheap.  25-50 cents a piece {woohoo

And that New Dot Pyrex bowl?  Oh just $4 ♥  That certainly beats $20 at the Antique Mall I visit {usually just to drool}.  This pattern is by far my favorite and til now, I only had the smallest orange dot bowl.  So glad I could find it a friend.  Now to find the yellow & green without using eBay or Etsy {wish me luck... I'll need it}.

Lastly, the globe.  There's nothing like a good globe.  Great condition, $6.  Not an AMAZING price but this is actually only the 2nd globe I've ever found that was in good condition and not $25 {and since globes are on my list, I jumped on it}

Mental checklist

Since I've been thrifting so often, I've had to become a little pickier {says my boyfriend}
Personally I have a little mental checklist of vintage things to look for. 
These include:

Globes & maps {educational & nice to look at}
Pyrex {only in good condition and only patterns I collect}
Carafes {patterned of course}
Sour cream glasses {because they're awesome}
Handmade needlepoints {also awesome}
Other kitchen items:  Hazel Atlas / Anchor Hocking / Fire King {only if I love them dearly}
Milk glass mugs {only super awesome ones}
Mid century furniture {to replace my Ikea junk}
Planters {current obsession}
Clocks {♥}


Now there are a few {very few} things I will not {no promises} buy anymore.

Corelle dishes {remember, there are 2 humans in our teeny apartment}
Brown pyrex {I have so much brown/neutral pyrex because for a while, that's all I could find}
Afghans / handmade throws {I have 5.... That is sufficient}
Clothing  {I know some people love thrifting clothing... but I can't... I've tried}
Dining chairs {we have enough & then some}

A little intro...

The title says it all.
Serial thrifter in a small apartment.

What first began as something so innocent, quickly became an obsession.
My small apartment is busting at the seams with vintage finds. 
Even my dog rolls his eyes when I come home with a bag from Goodwill. 

For some reason, I just can't stop. 
I feel like the one time I decide not to stop, there will be something AMAZING and I will have missed it.
Obviously, it could be worse.  Thrifting is cheap{if you do it right}.
And as long as I stick to the good stuff {a certain checklist I have} then I should be ok.

I have a thing for vintage kitchen items.
Pyrex. Fire King. Hazel Atlas. Etc.
Bowls.  Glasses.  Carafes.  Etc.
BUT, there are 2 humans in my house and only one of us cooks {it's not me}.

So here is a little documentation of my finds.
Kitchen, Home Decor, Bags
Vintage & Not-so-vintage {but mostly vintage}