Friday, December 13, 2013

A productive day, I'd say

I've finally finished my diy headboard! It's been on the back burner since the summer.... and when I say back burner, I mean the corner of my bedroom!  I didn't take any pictures of my process but I can quickly explain it.  

You will need:

Thin plywood {Home Depot cut it to size for me}
Spray adhesive 
Staple gun
Mounting squares

Basically, you adhere the styrofoam to the plywood, then add the batting. Next, you use a staple gun to wrap the fabric around the plywood {make sure it's nice & tight!} After it's all pretty, use your foaming squares {heavy duty ones} to mount it behind your bed!

Simple!!  Turned out pretty amazing!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Not thrifted / Just a good deal!!

Oh Cyber Monday... How do I love thee? 
So now in this wedding planning process, I am really trying to spend where it counts & get the best deals I can without compromising too much. After the wedding, we're going to begin looking for a house {serial thrifter in a big ass house -- hopefully}.  So since I'm on somewhat of a budget, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Badgley Mischka navy satin Lacie pumps at $100 OFF!!! Aren't they beautiful? They're exactly what I've been dreaming about. I'm in love!!! Thanks Piperlime - xo

Monday, November 18, 2013

We hit the motherload

We are now up to 44 vases after a MAJOR haul last week!! AND they're pieces we really need too! We have estimated needing about 100 vases so I'm glad we have over a year to thrift them! :D

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So in my last post I told you guys that now I'm thrifting for the wedding.... Well it's on. Look at all the milk glass I've collected! The majority was $1 or less with only one piece being $3. I definitely need some taller ones & some shorter wider ones but who can pass up a 65 cent bud vase?  Not this bride!!  I'm going to use the planters & bowls for succulents & the vases for flowers. I've also ordered some blue mason jars on Amazon at a price that seemed pretty cheap compared to everyone else. All in all, great progress!!

I'm pretty proud of myself. In my recent thrifting endeavors, I've left some vintage Pyrex pieces I would have picked up before I got engaged.  And get this.... I've even SOLD some pieces! Actually I've sold about 10 single pieces, which is huge for me. And I'm happy to say that the people who purchased were actual collectors and not resellers! That makes me feel better about it!  I did but just one piece recently but it was $5 & I liked it. The lid was scratched but at least it has the correct lid! The dish itself is bright blue, almost mint & oh so shiny!  And that sour cream glass was $1. Can't resist those & not apologizing ;)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

It finally happened!

After almost 4 years of dating, he proposed!! I can't believe it!! It was such a beautiful day. He tricked me into thinking we were celebrating my birthday but he surprised me first thing in the morning with the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen.

You're probably wondering how this pertains to thrifting... Wellllll.... It's time to shift my focus!  Wedding reception thrifting! Those little vases I've been gathering will really fit perfectly as centerpieces & such so I will definitely continue to thrift those. 

I will definitely need to sell some of my Pyrex & previously thrifted items on Craigslist or etsy. We live in a small apartment... Where will all the wedding gifts go? To be continued....

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A family affair

This past weekend I went to visit my parents in lower Delaware. We always have such a great time there. It's so relaxing & quiet --- unlike Philly! The one thing that we ALL have in common is a love for thrifting/yard sales / flea markets etc. It's a pretty fun bonding experience!! It's also nice that we aren't all looking for the same things.  I look for Pyrex / vintage goodies & for the most part {with a few exceptions} they aren't interested in that. It's awesome to have a few extra sets of eyes :) My family and I went to 3 or 4 thrifts on Saturday. I found a cute milk glass mug that states the ever obvious "Bald is Beautiful," 2 Butterfly Gold II casseroles to match the bowls I have, a gold leaf pin & some little milk glass vases that I'm very drawn to lately. AND I spent less than $15 :) 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

McKee for me!

I've finally done it! After years of thrifting, I've finally found a McKee sailboat dish in the wild! The prices are usually high online {etsy / eBay} so I was thrilled to find this for $3! The only trouble I find now is that I want more! :D

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thrift finds - 10.2.13

After the antiquing experience I had last weekend I should probably stay out of the thrifts for a while.... but I caved. I am having a bit of a stressful week & I needed to take my mind off of work & actually do something fun on my lunch break.  I headed over to the closest goodwill.... I'm so glad I did! I found a cute little plaque for $3 that will be a fun little diy project for a random day. I love how it looks now but it's kind of banged up.  I definitely want to spray paint the words white but the background color is pretty up in the air. It'll come to me! No rush! 

I also found this awesome starburst Hazel Atlas sour cream glass for $1. The cashier asked me why I was buying just one glass.... Um, maybe because there's only one on the shelf? 😳

And finally, I found the two little babies in the front for $2 each. How crazy that they're the same colors as the Fiestaware I already own? I didn't even do it on purpose!!  This haul definitely brightened my week a little bit :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sprucing up our bookcases

I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks & finally I had some free time. We have 3 solid white bookcases in our house that needed a little pizzazz. In our living room, we have a narrow Ikea billy bookcase with a door. I love this little simple bookcase. It gives me a place to show off my small finds & it takes up almost no space.  Here is the stock photo.  Simple & basic but kind of boring.

Lately I've found some awesome wrapping paper at Homegoods so I decided to line the back of my bookcase with it!  I just measured, cut & used some double sided tape. I think it made a world of difference. It gives it way more personality & depth.

I liked it so much, I decided to do it to our bedroom bookcases. We have one on each side of our bed giving them a built in look.

 With these, I used a solid wrapping paper in "curry" from Paper Source. We have a lot of patterns in our bedroom so I just wanted to give a little pop of color.   
Here's how it turned out :) 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Extravagant haul from the Extravaganza

I woke up bright & early today full of excitement. Today was THE DAY!  My bff & I were headed to Adamstown... the antiques capital! This week is their Extravaganza & we wanted to witness it first hand even if it was only for a few hours.  She picked me up around 8:15 & we were there before 10:00. 

First we stopped at Mother Tucker's. Um, best name ever. Anyway... Right away, we were overwhelmed. Sensory overload at its finest. Most booths were 15-25% off depending on the vendor.  There was Pyrex, Delphite, Jadeite, Milk glass, Barware sets, Pitchers, Salt & Pepper shakers, Fiestaware.... I could go on forever honestly.  As for I took home with me? I found a cute little $3 owl creamer annnndddd.....The most amazing Shawnee owl cookie jar! If you refer back to a post from June, I found the salt & pepper shakers that match! Here she is:

Next we stopped at Heritage Antique Center. 

Their prices were a little higher. Also, the % off was only applied to items over $10. Another thing was that certain booths would not apply the discount to items marked "firm." I wasn't too big on that. I feel like if you're going to call it an extravaganza, go balls to the wall. At some type of discount should be offered on EVERYTHING. The booth below had way too many things marked "firm" for my taste.  They had some amazing pieces but that was kind of a turn off.

What I did walk away with was this cute glasbake mug, and a gift for my big sister {I can't post it, she reads this blog. Hi Jen!} 

When we left, we stopped at a tent sale outside where everything was 50% off!!! That's what I'm talking about. I scored big time! I found a persimmon Fiestaware pitcher for $12, a little daisy sour cream glass for $2.50 AND a Jadeite fridgie for $10. Happy dance!

After that, we were riding high & on our way to Mad Hatter. We had been there before & knew the lay of the land. We got some great stuff here as well. I got 2 little Jadeite bowls for only $3, a little owl band for $15 and two blue mason jars for $6. Here's a pic of my total haul. Couldn't be happier... No regrets! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My latest finds

It's been a little quiet on the thrifting front {by choice}. I'm saving my funds for the Adamstown Antiques Extravaganza this weekend {cannot waaaaaait}. I have managed to stop in a few thrift stores randomly to check out the inventory though. I actually scored some pretty great stuff!  I'm trying not to spend more than $5 per piece of Pyrex at this point unless it's something amazing.

I found an unmarked opal Pyrex mixing bowl "set" for $8. Now I say "set" because technically it's really not... There's a 404 & 2 403's.  I'm sure somehow / some way I can trade a 403 for a 402 or 401!!  They were filthy but after a good scrubbing, PERFECTO!

Another find? Pyrex dots! When I find them, I jump up and down & squeal like a girl. It's my favorite pattern!! I have a whole set, an extra blue & an extra orange. The one I found most recently has some obvious scratches but it's shiny and ONLY $4. Woo!

Turquoise Pyrex is another favorite of mine. I can't pass it up. This Amish butter print 473 has a minuscule scratch and that's about it. Bonus: it came with a lid!  Lids can be hard to find sometimes. This one was also $4. 

Finally, the 1976 glasses. I found 2 more... and I didn't even find them in the same store :). There's something about these that I love. Maybe it's the fact that I live in Philly... I'm not sure. These were $1 a piece. I now have 5 of these & if I find more, I will buy em ;)

Coming soon.... my finds from this weekends extravaganza!! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thrift finds - 9.11.13

The thrift store was good to me today! I got some great stuff. 

First thing that caught my eye was a vintage pitcher with orange dots & little starbursts. I couldn't help it. I have so much glassware but I love polka dots & I've never seen this before. Had to have it!  

Second I found a couple Pyrex 475 lids. I never find those so that was a pleasant surprise.  I always pick up lids when I come across them because more often than not, when I find Pyrex casserole dishes, they are missing their lids :)

I always check the housewares section for interesting blankets or wall hangings but I never usually find anything. Today, however, I found this really beautiful Aztec/Navajo/Southwestern piece. It could be hung up or used as a table runner.  I decided to use it on the back of our plain, yet cool, chair in the living room.

Last but certainly not least, I found this AMAZING mid century modern magazine rack.... FOR $2.50! Score of the day!  I see these on etsy for $30 so I am beyond excited. I'm leaving it as is for now but eventually I will give it a fresh coat of spray paint.  

So basically, great day!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vintage spice rack makeover

Lately I've been keeping an eye out for the perfect spice rack to make over & use in my kitchen to display some smalls. Last Friday I stumbled upon the perfect one. Not too big... not too small...great condition... and begging for paint!! It was $10 but I had a 25% off coupon and well, it was perfect.  
After lots of consideration that including an hour of googling & Pinterest, I decided to go with a blue paint.  I feel like with the blue I chose, I can put the shelves in any room and it would look great.  The color is Princess Blue by Valspar. I bought a sample for $2.98 & used the whole jar... perfect amount!! So meet my new $11 shelves. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Flea market finds

Over the weekend my best friend, boyfriend and I ventured over to a flea market that wrapped around Eastern State Penitentiary.  We left the house around 8, coffees in hand, ready for a bargain.  The first table we saw was full of Pyrex and barware.  Hello!  That's what I'm talking about.  Unfortuntately {?} I already had most of what she was selling and I am being pretty picky about what I bring into the house {lately, anwyay}.   My friend also collects Pyrex and is looking for a bowl here and there to complete sets.  She did manage to score a great vintage Pyrex Cosmopolitan casserole & a Blendo pitcher with matching glasses!  Very awesome and perfect for her bar cart.

The first thing I picked up was an awesome green owl planter with little yellow flowers.  $3.  I love owls.  I will take it.  There was very little hesitation when I decided to buy it.  I was just drawn to it I guess.
The second purchase was a beautiful vintage bar set with a caddy.  I am a sucker for any glasses in a caddy and the green and gold are so different than anything I already have {and its Eagles green ---- go Birds!}.  They were asking $17.  I was in.  The boyfriend also grabbed some actual Eagles glasses for his own personal collection.  We buy them for his man cave in our future home!

Last but not least, I came across a mid century modern plant stand.  I had passed it earlier but didn't check the price because most I've seen were $30-$40.  The price tag said $10.  Yea. Mine. End of story.  As soon as I got home I put it next to my bed.  Hello, new nightstand.  Nice to meet you.

And you didn't think we could come home without a present for Louie did you?   He got a $2 raincoat... and he's less than happy about it.  ;)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sweet spots

I refer to my favorite parts of my house as "sweet spots" --- you know... those spots in your house that just make you happy!  These are mine

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's all coming together

Do you ever feel like your home is a puzzle and you just can't put it together?  That is how I've been feeling about 78% of the time.  The living room --- that I am perfectly fine with.  I've posted photos of it before and I am sure I will do it again. Everything in there is something I love {except my couch.  new one soon hopefully!}  Recently, I've been focusing on my kitchen.  I have so much... what do you call it?  Oh yea... STUFF!  The "theme" of my kitchen I guess is vintage inspired with Ikea touches.  We have a lot of Pyrex {refer to previous posts if you must} and other kitchen items so they start to take over a space after a while.  Today after work, I was inspired.  Somehow, I knew exactly how to fix my problem areas!  With a little furniture and accessory shuffle {took way longer than I thought}I am going to bed tonight with a new found love for that room.  It's not overly cluttered {in my opinion anyway} and I've put the attention on certain items that I adore {jadeite/cathrineholm/pyrex/globe}.  Here's a few of my favorite spots!!

Vintage Glasbake Lipton Soup Mugs and a little DIY "EAT" project I did when I first moved in.  Matches perfectly, yet by accident :)

Cathrineholm / Jadeite / Globe / Pyrex / Dog treats / Ikea Lerberg Shelves / LOVE!

This is the best shot I could get of the top of my kitchen cabinets.  Pink & Turquoise vintage pyrex.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Sunday makeover

Finally found the time to gussy up this little vintage $5 chair I picked up at goodwill months ago. A few weeks ago I painted it white hoping it would highlight the beautiful details of the back {it really helped}. After much deliberation, I decided on this fabric. I must say, I made a great choice. I love it :) and with that, I shall nap! 

Weekend finds

So it's been 10 weeks since we picked up my Aunt in Hancock Maryland and it was time to bring her back. We had a great time with her this summer & I can't wait to see her next year! 

Lately I've vowed to thrift less than usual and I've stayed true to that. I havent really stopped at a thrift in weeks.  I think I earned this one shopping moment. When we got to our destination, we ventured into the antique & flea market starting outside first.  It's a huge place & last time I got some great deals. We spent 3.5 hours shopping this time. That's some good exercise, yes?  Having my boyfriend with me was especially helpful. He keeps me in check when I get a little out of hand. Sometimes I need a voice of reason. 

I finally got my hands on a Hazel Atlas pink elephant ice bucket. Love it! I saw it there last time and was kicking myself for leaving it. Thank my lucky stars it was still there!!  

Another one of my obsessions is vintage milk glass mugs. I can't get enough. They're so cute... and on this visit, I found 4. I won't overpay for them but these were adorable & reasonable

The only Pyrex I found that I wanted wasn't even really Pyrex at all. It's Pyrex compatible by Gemco. Now usually I wouldn't really swoon if I saw these but they were 50 cents a piece! Sold. Done. Next!

Next, I found these AMAZING vintage glasses with caddy. I know I have a few sets of glasses {ha! a few?} but these are totally different than any of the other ones I have. They also kind of go with that pink elephant ice bucket, right? Yea. Mine!

And last but certainly not least, a 50% off JADEITE SWIRL BOWL! I almost peed but thank god I didn't because it was kind of a long ride home. On average similar bowls in this place were $30+ but this one was marked $25.... And the booth was having a 50% sale so $12.50.  I couldn't pass it up. I love Jadeite and even when Ive found it in the thrift stores here {only 2x} the pieces were beat up & more expensive than this. For me, this was a steal. I giggled all the way to the cash register. 😆 

So to summarize, Saturday was awesome.  Now to relax on this lazy Sunday & maybe try to purge some stuff {not likely}